The Progenra Advantage

Progenra has discovered selective Molecular Glues and Small Molecules  and identified preclinical development candidates for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, neurodegeneration and cancer.  Progenra is seeking industry partnerships for licensing opportunities surrounding the company’s Molecular Glue and Small Molecule portfolio, its proprietary UbiPro™ Drug Discovery Platform and its novel PROTAC® platform.

  • Additionally, the Progenra Discovery Network, established through partnerships with CROs and academic experts, enhances Progenra’s development offerings to industry partners.
  • Progenra is focused solely on the ubiquitin proteasome system; with its comprehensive ubiquitin proteasome system tool box, Progenra gives its partners the unique opportunity to progress compounds that will have been thoroughly characterized in vitro and in vivo before they are nominated for preclinical and/or clinical studies.
  • The combination of Progenra’s unique technology and expertise provides insight into novel drug targets, affording a strategic timing advantage in partners’ therapeutic areas of interest.

Please contact Progenra Business Development for enquiries: