The ubiquitin proteasome system contains a plethora of novel therapeutic targets. Progenra’s ability to discover novel UPS modulators, Molecular Glues  and PROTACs employing its drug discovery platform has created several opportunities for establishing partnerships and collaborations with companies as well as academic institutions.

Progenra encourages academic laboratories to contact us with potential collaborative projects. Progenra is especially interested in prospective collaborations with translational potential. We are pleased to have collaborations with several leading national and international academic institutions, including:


Baylor College of Medicine

Cedar Sinai Medical Center

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Curie Institute Paris

Emory University

Harvard University Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Johns Hopkins Medical School

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Karolinska Institute

Mt Sinai Medical School, NY

National Cancer Institute, NIH

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Pl

University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Michigan Medical Center

University of Michigan Medical School

University of Oxford

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

University of Pittsburgh

University of Texas M D Anderson Cancer Center

University of Toronto