Progenra invited to host an Immune Oncology Session at BIO International Convention 2017

June 18-22, 2017. San Diego, CA.  Progenra President Dr. Tauseef Butt is the organizer and a participant of a panel discussion entitled “Immune Oncology Drugs: Ready for First Line Therapy?” This panel, which is comprised of leaders of immune oncology from the pharmaceutical industry and academic medicine, will address whether the new immune oncology drugs will, as currently predicted in many quarters of both the scientific/medical and investment communities, supplant tumoricidal drugs and radiation as first line therapies in many cancers. Other topics to be considered are: the affordability of immune oncology treatments; the existence and utility of biomarkers to identify treatable patients and monitor therapy; the utility of combination protocols involving other immune oncology drugs or traditional anticancer drugs to achieve maximum efficacy; and ways to manage immune side effects resulting from immune therapy of cancer.