The Progenra Advantage

Since 2002, Progenra has been working to create and patent technology designed to understand and explore the intricacies of the ubiquitin pathway.  This knowledge and technology has lead to the discovery of small molecules that modulate the function of ubiquitin related enzymes for several therapeutic needs.  Progenra can provide this information to any partner with a similar interest; we firmly believe that by combining resources and know-how we can improve a programs chance of success.

Progenra is seeking industry partnerships for licensing opportunities surrounding the company's small molecule portfolio and/or its proprietary UbiPro™ Drug Discovery Platform.

  • Additionally, the Progenra Discovery Network was formed through partnerships with vetted CRO’s and academic experts and enhances Progenra’s development offerings to our industry partners.
  • Progenra's sole focus is on the ubiquitin pathway; with its unparalleled ubiquitin pathway tool box, Progenra provides our partners the unique opportunity to progress compounds that have been characterized in great detail in vitro and in vivo before they are nominated for preclinical and / or clinical studies.
  • Progenra's unique technology and expertise provides insight on novel drug targets, providing a strategic timing advantage in partners' therapeutic areas of interest.
  • Please contact Progenra Business Development for inquiries: