R&D Platform

UbiPro™ Platform

E3 ligases conjugate ubiquitin to specific target proteins, signaling changes such as directing them to the proteasome for degradation. DUBs cleave ubiquitin from target proteins, including other ubiquitins. Ubiquitin conjugation and deconjugation both have physiological consequences and can be manipulated by small molecules for therapeutic effect.

Since 2002 Progenra scientists have been working to understand the intricacies of the ubiquitin pathway to maximize discovery of new classes of molecules.  This work has led to the creation of a comprehensive toolbox termed the UbiPro™ Drug Discovery Platform for studying DUBs and E3 Ligases. We use this platform to screen our diverse collection of >600,000 drug-like small molecules and develop selected hits into therapeutic candidate molecules.